Why do we have Homegroups?

In a church like St.Mary’s, we need somewhere:

·  people can grow in their knowledge of God’s Word in a way that is worked out in their personal situation and circumstances;

·  people can form genuine, supportive Christian friendships across the whole spectrum of the church, where they are accepted, valued, loved and prayed for;

·  people can be encouraged to discover and develop their particular God-given gifts in order to build up the church;

·  people are encouraged in their living out and sharing the gospel in the wider community.

That is what Homegroups are for!

Homegroups are an essential part of our mutual encouragement and our pastoral care for one another in the life of the church.

We sum up their purpose as: "Growing in Christ through knowing God’s Word, developing Christian friendships, encouraging our gifts  and reaching out to our community”

To unpack that slightly:

Growing in Christ...   -Worship

That means making time in the group for specific prayers and personal testimony

 ·               We want to deepen our faith

 ...through knowing Gods Word...      - Discipleship

That means making time in the group for personal application of God's Word

 ·               We want to be prepared

·               We want to study faithfully

·               We want to encourage our growth

 ...developing Christian Friendships... -Fellowship

That means taking time in the group for developing real friendships and follow-up

 ·               We want to trust each other          

·               We want to live out our unity         

·               We want to support others actively

 ...encouraging our gifts...                         -Service

That means making time in the group for mutual encouragement and use of gifts

 ·               We want to model maturity           

·               We want to help practically

·               We want to commit corporately

 ...and reaching out to our Community- Mission

That means making time in the group for sharing our faith and supporting wider mission

 ·               We want to share faith more widely

Swanwick Houseparty 29th June to 1st July

Our Houseparty this year will take place from Friday 29th June until Sunday 1st July at the Swanwick Con more

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