The Café is part of the Upper Room vision to be an outstanding resource for the community; a place where bridges are built between church and community, where people who don’t normally go to church can experience the life of the church community.
The vision is to create a warm and welcoming environment where people can stay as long as they like, enjoying excellent service and top quality food and drink.
For hundreds of years, coffee houses and cafés have been places where people have met to talk.
A church which runs a café has a brilliant opportunity to offer faith based perspectives on life’s issues; to offer a place where people can discover how relevant Jesus’ life and teachings are today.

Opening times

Sadly the Cafe is closed at the present time - we are praying for new management and staff to join us soon so that we can reopen this valuable community resource.

We are currently advertising for a new Cafe Manager - if you are a Christian with a vision for building bridges between the church and community, and with experience of catering and/or hospitality ministry - could that be you.  FOR DETAILS FOLLOW THIS LINK

Manchester Bible School - new courses coming up

A new set of short courses will be held at the  Nazarene Theological College in Didsbury on Monday Evenings - for more information more

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