Café Church - It’s Church but not as you know it!

Coffee, cake and church

Cafe Church is church with a difference. Seated round tables instead of sat in rows we drink coffee, eat cake, watch a video and discuss subjects relevant to faith. It’s not a conventional church service. There will be music, sometimes live, but we don’t do group singing, we watch a video, we have some prayers from the front and we hear a personal story about what it means to a Christian today. And it’s all very relaxed. If you don’t believe in God and want to come and see what’s going on, that’s fine.

Why are we doing Café Church?

Well, we want to try to make Church a place that is relaxedand accessible. We know that lots of people want to talk about faith, even wantto come to Church, but find a traditional service hard to understand, or boringto sit through, or just plain confusing. So, we want to develop Café Church asa place where everyone’s welcome and comfortable. It’s hopefully not tooconfusing or boring.

When and where?

The next Café Church event will be on Tuesday 16th January 7.30pm when our subject will be “I’m a good person, God will welcome me into Heaven”.  

Café Church is an initiative of St Mary’s Church and is held in Café One, St Mary’s Community Café located in the Upper Room above Tesco Express, 11 Wilmslow Road, SK8 1DW. Access is from Massie Street car park.

For more information please send an email to cafechurch@cheadle.org.uk.

We welcome people of any faith or no faith.

Christianity Explored Course Starts Tuesday 23rd January

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