A Time for Sharing

Christmas Services- join  us at Christmas!

What really makes Christmas special? It isn't just the tinsel and trimmings-although when things are dark, it's nice to brighten everything up!' It isn't the over-indulgences of parties and Christmas meals -although it's good to have something that creates business for our fitness clubs during the rest of the year! It isn't the presents -although we all love the excuse to enjoy a new toy! It isn't even the peace and beauty of singing carols in a candlelit church -although the experience is wonderful! All those things mean nothing if we are not sharing them with loved ones, family/friends and others around us. It is the way Christmas brings people together, makes us catch up with those we've lost touch with, and even gives strangers the reason to smile at each other!
The best gift you can give someone at Christmas, is to share yourself with them - give them time and attention, enjoy life together! That is the heart of the Christmas story, which has given birth to all the rest of the festivities! God, who people ignore or can struggle to know, shared himself-in a way that we can all grasp and enjoy. He shared a human life with us in Jesus, being born, living and dying, so that the one who made the universe can make us his friends. So as you enjoy the sharing with others that makes Christmas what it is, make sure you share some of it with the God who longs to share His blessings with you. After all, it is His birthday!
Have a joyful Christmas!         Rob Munro

                                        Rector of Cheadle

Sunday 10th December
6:30pm It's Christmas! - a contemporary Christmas celebration, led by the young people
Sunday 17th  December
9:30am The Nativity - the Christmas story, with Juice Puppets
11:15am Traditional Communion and Carols
6:00pm Carols by Candlelight with Cheadle Festival Choir 
8:00pm Carols by Candlelight with Cheadle Festival Choir
Christmas refreshments will be served before each of the two Candlelit services
Christmas Eve (Sunday) 24th December
3.00pm and 5.00pm, Christingle Services (NEW extra service this year) - for families the night before Christmas
8:00pm Christmas Eve Holy Communion
Christmas Day (Monday) 25th December
8:00am Holy Communion
9:30am Family Christmas Celebration with Juice Puppets
11:15am Christmas Communion