At the heart of our spiritual life is the desire to deepen our love for God and honour him with our lives. True worship, which is expressed buy in everything we do, is strengthened and supported through:

• Prayer - opportunities to support God’s work in prayer
• Public Worship - supporting the main worship gatherings.

In Prayer, our dependence on God to lead and direct us is tangibly expressed. This area is supported by specific prayer ministry and meetings encouraging us to seek God together.

In Public Worship, our joy in knowing God is built up and expressed. This area is supported by people who assist in bringing together the music, singing, Scripture-reading, praying, preaching and practical ministry to enable us to engage personally with God our Father, through Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.


Third Age Meeting - "How to build Friendships and Connect with people" with Helen Hart and James Grummitt

Helen Hart and James Grummitt are making a welcome return visit to the U ...read more

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