Bible Encounter Trust - Mission Partner 
Peter and Julie Fraser take assemblies and lessons in Primary Schools mainly within the Stockport Area. They also stage the Easter and Christmas Story and Fisherman's Tale Trails based in local churches.
Mission Rep. Graham Lowcock
Quarterly prayer letter available also

Christians in Schools Trust - Mission Partner
Based locally and working in High and Primary schools. They currently have three workers -Emma Hinds, Joshua Openshaw and Jill Elston  
Mission Rep Bob Brown  Quarterly Prayer letter is available

The Message Trust - Mission Partner
Working mainly taking lessons and assemblies in the High Schools of Manchester and taking the good news of Jesus through various means using music, drama, Eden Bus and social projects as well as operating the Message Enterprise Centre .
Mission Rep Graham Lowcock
Bi Monthly prayer diaries and a quarterly magazine are available

Kairos Media Trust - Mission Partner 
Prepares and if necessary translates media material for the peoples of Central Asia.
"Kairos" is the New Testament word for a special time,
God's moment.......a moment of opportunity. Mission Rep Nick & Gill Hall - Prayer information direct from them

Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship - UCCF - Mission Partner
As a church we are supporting Alex Lucas who is an Arts Staff Worker based in London. See her page on the UCCF web site

Gospel for Asia - as a church we are supporting as a Mission Associate - Ellen Batten who is working administratively in the UK base for this organisation based in Manchester 

We are also affiliated and have links with Church Society, Reform,The Christian Institute,The Evangelical Alliance,The NorthWest Partnership,True Freedom Trust,Care for the Family and of course the Diocese of Chester.