Fixtures of the Church
The internal furnishings of the Church mainly date from the major Victorian restoration, which replaced pews, organ and various other things.
The Cheadle Cross
The preaching cross is the earliest known existing evidence of a Christian community in Cheadle. In the 10th and 11th centuries a village church was a rarity and villagers usually gathered round a cross to hear the gospel from itinerant preachers.
Lichfield diocesan records indicate that about 1200 there was a priest, Hamo, in Cheadle so it may be assumed that a church building existed. The preaching cross would no longer be needed so it probably fell and no one considered it worth re-erection. It was found when workmen were digging clay to make bricks for Barnes Convalescent Hospital in the early 1870’s.
 The Pews
The oak pews were installed during the Victorian restoration from 1875—1882. These replaced the ‘pews or seats all of one common decent regular and uniform order’ put in during the 1720s instead of the even earlier ‘assorted seats or forms’.
 The Brass Eagle Lectern
This was donated in 1874 by the ladies of the Sewing Party who called themselves ‘the Cheadle Lifeguards’. A donation of £30 from their annual Christmas sale of work in 1875 began a movement for restoration work in the church.
 The Organ
The work which was completed in 1882 at a cost of some £10,000 included a new organ built by Hill and Company of London. Its upper framework and pipes were retained when the present organ was rebuilt by Smethurst of Manchester in the 1960’s. Further work has been done more recently.
 The Tower Clock
This was installed in 1988 and the lettering on the faces reads:
Forget not God (south, porch side)
Trust the Lord (west, White Hart side)
Time is flying (east, car park side)
 The Bells
In 1549 there were three bells, now there are eight. Six were cast in 1749 and bear Latin inscriptions:-
· Let the English Church prosper
· May the Bishopric flourish
· Let Schism perish
· May heresy be driven away
· Let our early faith be restored
· Glory to God in the highest
Two more bells, donated in 1882, bear the inscriptions:-
· The Spirit and the Bride say come
· Glory to God in the highest

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