To sum it up: Loving God, loving others and sharing the good news of Jesus

What we stand for:
Father, Son and Holy Spirit – God reveals himself as three persons but one God.
God has spoken – the Bible is from God, without error; we need its teaching.
Jesus is Lord – he died for our sins, God raised him from the dead, he is alive today and will return.
Repent and believe – we trust in Christ for forgiveness, then we seek to obey him.
The gift of the Spirit – God’s Spirit within us empowers us to live for Jesus.
Spread the word – we must make Jesus known to others so they can follow him.
The family of God – we meet together to hear God’s word, praise him and encourage one another.

What we aim to be:
Bible people – growing in our knowledge of God’s word and in obedience to him.
Gospel people – understanding the good news of Jesus and explaining it to others.
Praying people – committed to regular prayer both privately and together
Joyful people – filled with the Holy Spirit and testifying to his deep joy.
Loving people – eager to serve others in the church and the world.
Church people – valuing our common life and committing ourselves to it.
Giving people – cheerfully giving to God’s work and the world’s needs.

We believe things, not because we are special, but as ordinary Christians following the simple message of Jesus Christ, and seeking to live that out in our community and world. If you think that too, why not come and join us?

As a Church of England Church, we also uphold the 39 Articles of Religion as our basis of faith, which you can find following this link: 39 Articles