Our bookstall is a key resource for church members to access good quality literature for all ages. Sited in the side-chapel of the church, it has a range of good Christian books, cards and some other resources for sale – stocked in partnership with the Christian Bookshop in Stockport (


We have two books to suggest to you – both will make you think about important subjects in today’s world, but both are easy to read:

The Busy Christian’s guide to Busyness by Tim Chester includes:

  • How can I balance time between work, friends and church?
  • Who’s in charge of my time? Is busy-ness always bad?
  • How can I feel less guilty about everything I don’t have time to do?
  • How do I prioritise between the ‘good’ and the ‘best’?
  • What does God say about all this?

Do you suffer from the disease of over-busyness? This could be the book for you.

Invest your Suffering by Paul Mallard

Times of suffering come to every Christian. But do we always deal with them in a particularly Christian way? Indeed, what is the ‘Christian’ way of dealing with suffering?

This is a book that will challenge you but with a gentle touch. Written by a pastor whose family life seems to have had more than its fair share of suffering over the years, it is a book that knows what it’s talking about and knows how hard it can be when suffering comes visiting – and sometimes stays.

Each book costs £6.50 – just put your money in the box by the books.


There are now over 100 titles covering various pastoral issues available to borrow from new racks in the Brereton Chapel near the present bookstall – do take advantage of this resource.


There is a ‘lending library’ in Cafe One – please feel free to have a browse through the extensive selection of books on the bookshelf. Once you have read and enjoyed the book please return it, many thanks.

There is also a featured book for sale at the till in Cafe One – these books are just £1.00 and often thought provoking and an easy read.