Festival Manchester feedback

Festival Manchester was a great weekend to celebrate our love of Jesus and spread the message.  A huge thank you to Jon for driving the mini bus and taking people down to the event.  Here are some pictures and comments from the weekend, if you have any more please send them into the office and we will add them in.  Thank you to Martin for these brilliant pictures. 

"It was really fun and such a great atmosphere"

"Fab to see so many people there having a great time in the sunshine and hearing the Gospel preached from all sorts of angles - through the music, various speakers, prayer tents, or just the witness of those around and helping out. Great to see many people respond, and no doubt seeds sown in many hearts too."

"Awesome weekend. Great to see so many churches working together and the response was phenomenal with 3000+ responding to God’s Word. From homeless, sex workers, men, woman and children all asking to know more about this Jesus. Hallelujah. "