Flower Ministry

A LOVELY way to celebrate

A SPECIAL way to commemorate

A FITTING way to give thanks

... for someone or something special, or just for life, and

A GREAT way to share

... with others your pleasure in God’s glorious world.

Flowers at Church celebrate God’s goodness and gifts to us all; they are a fitting reminder of his glory and grace. 

Throughout the year the flower ministry team provide arrangements for the Sunday services.  Beautiful flower arrangements reflect the changing seasons and the important points and events in the church year. On special occasions such as Easter, Christmas, and around Harvest, lots of work goes into making these floral arrangements extra special.

This year we thought it would be nice, to give members of the congregation the opportunity to sponsor the church flowers. For a donation of £25.00 or more, the flower team will arrange the flowers in church for the weekend chosen (& they will usually remain in church for the following weekend too) and an acknowledgement notice will appear in the church notice sheet. So if there is a special date/month/time of the year when you would like the church flowers to be done in the memory of someone or to celebrate a special occasion or birthday please let us know.

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