Tree of Life

We are starting work on a new banner for Church.  The idea is to have a tree and leaves, representing all the members of our church. We need lots of leaves making out of material, knitted, crochet, embroidery etc. They need to be no bigger than 5 inches long.  You can download a worksheet here with some tips and patterns, or you can just email to receive one by email, or pick one up in the café.   We will be running a few workshops over the next few months, please come along if you can, the dates will be in the noticesheet.

We would love it if as many people as possible could make a leaf for the tree.   We are hoping to hold some workshops events during some of our lent get togethers so you can pick a leaflet and supplies up then. 

If you are making leaves please do not use paper, please make them no bigger than 5inches.  Please make them a leaf colour—any season, we have some already handed in that are knitted, embroidered, sequined, crochet … so get creative folks—we’re excited to see what people will come up with!

There will be a box in the café and church for them to be left in.  The aim is to have the project finished in time for the Queens Jubilee weekend—it will tie in with a tree planting in the churchyard.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions—just call the office on 0161 428 8050 to speak to Liz.