Thanksgiving 2022

Thanksgiving Sunday

6th February 2022

Challenging times often stop us realising what is really going on!

Dealing with Covid, has been costly— connections in our church community have broken.

Personal circumstances have changed, everything is stretched. We all feel exhausted; God has still been working to bless us!   Be encouraged!

¨ Over Christmas the proportion of members of our community who joined us in worship increased.

¨ 3 local pubs and 4 care homes cold-called us for our support and to run carol services.

¨ At least 12 people are doing the Explored or Alpha courses.

¨ “The Bridge” group has started  drawing together older members of our church and community,.

¨ The Board Room had its biggest gathering yet! God is working amongst us helping us to share Jesus!

Thanksgiving Sunday

We will be doing three things together:


1. Celebrating the blessings God has shared, with lots of personal testimonies .


2. Reconnecting with each other, time and space to have fun together—this will be a recurring theme this term


3. Recommitting to our calling in the church— praying, serving and giving in line with the Vision

At the 10am service we will hear stories of what God has been doing amongst us.  This will be followed by Refreshments in the café — Toast, pastries & fruit   (NOT the usual Bring & Share lunch) Join us to have time together, hear more and catch up on friendships.

The Thanksgiving Day 2022 letter, available in church & via Churchsuite, outlines all you need to do to help by pledging your financial support. Click here to download the letter.

This is a vital part of our planning for 2022.

We have some big challenges, so please read it prayerfully and respond generously.  Most importantly we want you to be there - to join us in and after the service itself. All our Ministry Team Leaders believe God is calling us to make time to be together, to rejoice in being his family!

 Weds 2nd Feb is a whole day of prayer

(& fasting if you’d like to focus the day on prayer)

9am-10pm in Church.

We’d love every church member to join us at some point, no matter for how long!

Thanksgiving is acknowledging our blessings and our calling from the God who loves us and will in all things work for our good! So please join us!