2020 vision

As a Parish, we are committed to a biblical vision and values for our life together. In obedience to God’s commands, to love God, love others and share the good news, we express our life together in worship, discipleship,fellowship, service and evangelism. These find particular expression in our parish “Mission and Values”, which forms the appendix to this 2020 Vision. Building on the balance of these foundations, we seek prayerfully to be faithful to the particular challenges of God for our churches in this day to live for Him.

2020 vision is for our encouragement and our prayer for today, it is seeking what we believe God is challenging us to become and committing to work towards where we discern he is calling. It is for us as a whole parish and for us as individual churches and congregations within it. It is not what we can do, it is what we believe God will enable us to do. So read it, be encouraged, be challenged, be prayerful and be part of taking the next step in seeing it become reality.

Our overarching vision is to fulfil a biblical call that we sum up as:

Those who are blessed, are called to be a blessing!

Our primary purpose and vision is to find our identity and calling in the gracious blessing of God to us in Jesus Christ. In all things we seek to glorify Him and deepen our relationship in Him, which is in itself an expression of His grace towards us. In all things we acknowledge that without active dependence upon Him, expressed in our prayer and obedience, any activity will not fulfil His ultimate purpose, that we live for His glory.

So we recognise in formulating our 2020 Vision, a prior commitment to always be growing in our biblical obedience and prayerful dependence on God. We are committed to developing ways that Scripture’s truth is better heard and heeded by us; and that our prayer, together and in smaller groups, is more faithfully and frequently shared and heard by God.

We also recognise in our rich resources of people, buildings and talents that God is calling us to share those, supporting other Christians around us, and developing ways to reach out more effectively and sacrificially to our community.

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