Celebrating new life in the Church?
Every new life is particularly special to us at St. Mary’s, whether that is the new life of someone finding faith in Christ as an adult, or the new life that comes into a family blessed with children. It is our joy to celebrate that with you.

What do you do to welcome new babies?  The Church of England offers two complementary ways of celebrating the arrival of a baby, so we want to help you work out which is the most appropriate for you! Both involve services in church where, with your family, we thank God, pray for your child and seek God’s blessing; but in one you make promises to commit yourself and your child to regular church attendance, prayer, Bible study and Christian commitment; in the other you pray for God to help your child make up their own mind about the faith and you promise to support them as they grow.

Practically speaking, the best way to decide which is right for you is come along to church, and fix up a time to talk through these services with one of our ministers, who will talk you through a simple guide to help think through the options. Hopefully you will then have a clear idea of which service is right for you and your family. After that, all we need to do then is fix it up!

Broadly speaking we tend to do such services at 9.30 on the 3rd or 5th Sundays in a month, or at 11.15 on the 1st Sundays, but we cannot confirm availability until after we have visited to go through the options with you.

At Cheadle our prayer is, through welcoming your child in the church, your own knowledge and love of the Lord Jesus will grow, that you will find a home in the Church family and that your child will grow up never knowing a time when they could say, “I didn’t know the Lord!”.

What about for adults? We are to delighted to help people explore new faith, and for adults at that stage, we encourage people to join in the Christianity Explored course, which will help work through the implications of a new life in Jesus Christ. These run each term, and you can find more details here. Our celebration of this new life may be expressed in an adult baptism (for those not already baptised), including the option of full immersion baptism; or for those baptised as children, we have a Confirmation service, where we publicly celebrate new Christian life together as a church. Speak to one of our minsters after a service.