We have a varied selection of #lent courses available for 2019 as listed here. Please note that the courses at St Cuthbert’s will be held on Tuesday evening, commencing 5th March for Wks 1-3 and 26th March for Wks 4-6. The courses at St Mary’s Upper Room will be held on Wednesday evenings, commencing on 6th March for Wks 1-3 and 27th March for Wks 4-6.  If you would like to sign up for one of the courses you can click on the relevant name of that course and it will take you to the sign up page on Churchsuite, alternatively please pick up a form from either church or contact the office for information and/or to book – 0161 428 8050.

Learning to Listen  (wks 1-3) At St Cuthbert’s                                                                                                  Led by Ruth Ormiston & Liz Duxbury    We will be looking at the theory of active listening and  learning practical techniques to help us listen effectively both to others and to God.

The Art of Faith (wks 4-6) At St Cuthbert’s                                                                                                       Led by John Ormiston    A three week exploration of the development of Christian art, music and literature from the days of the early church (and even earlier) to the present day. We will consider how writers, composers and artists have expressed their        understanding of Scripture and their own personal faith through their creative talents and how this can assist our own worship and daily life in Christ.

Sharing Faith  (wks 1-3) At St Cuthbert’s                                                                                                          Led by Howie Pickering & Mike Newman   Each week will involve both bible study / teaching and faith sharing / discussion (‘Whakapapa’ in Maori terms). Course members should expect to share a short testimony in either week 2 or 3.  Pre-course reading (optional) ‘Evangelism in a skeptical world’ Sam Chan (Zondervan).

Mini Banner Making (wks 4-6) At St Cuthbert’s                                                                                              Led by Jo Davids, Sue Southgate & Liz Woods  We will be  creating mini banners reflecting a theme of  prayer.  All materials will be provided, just bring your enthusiasm! The finished banners will be used to decorate the Prayer Room on the 2nd floor of the Upper Room.

Everyone Welcome  (wks 1-5) At St Cuthbert’s                                                                                                Led by Lesley Gribbin  In the world around we see alienation, isolation, division,   barriers, people who are unwelcome here, there and almost everywhere.  In the faithful Christian church it does not    matter whether or not your face fits – we have a gospel of reconciliation, a core value of radical inclusivity, a      community of welcome to all.  Welcoming newcomers (and regulars) into the heart of the worshipping community is a ministry for  every member of the church.  If you would like to learn more, build your confidence and make a difference in this area of ministry please come along and share this journey with us.

Heroes of Faith   Part 1 (wks 1-3) In The Upper Room                                                                                   Led by Stan Tomalin & Mike Newman   Augustine, John Newton, Dietrich Bonhoeffer: famous names from church history. But what did they do to become famous and what do they have to teach us as we seek to walk in the ways of God in our own day? Why not come and find out?

Part 2 (wks 4-6) In The Upper Room                                                                                                                  Led by Stan Tomalin & Phil Wells  Anselm, Martin Luther, George Whitefield:  famous names from church history. But what did they do to become famous and what do they have to teach us as we seek to walk in the ways of God in our own day? Why not come and find out?

Fast Food (wks 1-3) In The Upper Room                                                                                                            Led by Sue Southgate    Fast Food is an opportunity to meet together and enjoy food tastes from countries where Christians are suffering persecution, because of their faith in Jesus , and then to pray for them with the help of videos, quizzes and up to date news.    “It is, perhaps, tempting to think that engaging too much with    persecution is likely to be depressing; that we would rather not have to think about Christians suffering for their faith. The testimony of Scripture is that, actually, it can be to our      comfort and blessing to do so…..” Quote from “Jars of Clay” by Kenneth Harrod

Book of Hebrews (wks 1-6) In the Upper Room                                                                                                Led by Rev. Rob Munro   How is Jesus the fulfilment of all God’s promises? How are we to understand priesthood, sacrifices and the temple now we are in a new covenant? Journey with us through the book of Hebrews as we explore these themes, their practical applications and so much more!

New Music (wks 1-3) In St Mary’s Church                                                                                                         Led by Grant Boyd, Paul & Binnie Thompson  It’s always good to expand our library of songs that we can use in our musical ministry. We will begin with a short worship time and then end our time together  with the songs we have learnt in the session. We can then consolidate them at the beginning of the next week’s session!  Open to all – if you are a musician, let us know you are coming and we can prepare music for you in advance!

The Marriage Course (wks 1-6) In The Upper Room Café                                                                             Led by Jon Drayton   This course is designed to help couples invest in their relationship and build a strong marriage.  The course aims to create a safe place to learn  to communicate more effectively and resolve differences well. There will be a £5.00 per couple, per week charge for this course.

CAP Money Course (wks 1-3) In The Upper Room                                                                                          Led by Jo Davids, Mark & Helen Tomlinson   The CAP Money course is for everyone.  Can you imagine a big expenditure without spending on your credit cards? Do you want to be able to go on holiday without the financial hangover? Are you prepared for the future?  Would you like to be able to bless others and give more? Would you like to bring God into your financial decision making? The aim of the course is to encourage people to think about their finances, enable them to build and live on a budget whilst involving God in those decisions.

Praying for Healing (wks 1-6) In the Upper Room                                                                                           Led by Bishop Graham Dow  Part 1  (Weeks 1-3) What Jesus Expects of his Disciples.          1 The Authority Jesus has Given us to Heal: focus on     physical healing.  2 The Gospel of the Kingdom of God: God the Father and his compassion   3 Important Steps in      Healing Prayer: confession and forgiveness; the gifts of the Spirit; simple  practice; facing disappointment.

Part 2 (Weeks 4-6) Life in all its Fullness  4 A Framework for Inner Healing: healing of the  memories.  5 Living in the Heavenly realm: The Truth, The Promises and Faith   6 The Battle Against Evil: self inflicted curses;deliverance.

Transforming Work (wks 1-6) In  The Upper Room                                                                                        Led by Trish Wells  Transforming Work is a course prepared by The London Institute of Contemporary Christianity which seeks to help people to understand how their every day work can be a place to witness to Jesus: in the way we behave; our attitudes to our colleagues, bosses, clients; and also in the conversations we have. However, this course does come with a health warning – you get more out of it if you do some homework !

An introduction to Mental Health First Aid  (wks 4-6) In the Upper Room                                               Led by Helen Hart & James Grummitt    As mental health awareness is increasing in the UK, we want to introduce you to some simple ways to help you recognise people struggling with their mental wellbeing and how you can support them. Over the three weeks, we will show you why mental health is just as important as physical health; Explain the broad differences in various types of mental  illness; Show you the signs to look out for in other people that can indicate poor mental health; Learn how to approach and help people, whilst maintaining your own safety.