Church Mission and Values

We are a contemporary conservative evangelical Anglican Church, which means that we are outward-facing to our community and culture, seeking always to connect with them in relevant ways, and we stand in the historic tradition and doctrine of the Church of England expressed in the 39 Articles, with a classic reformed theology (empahsising the Sovereignty of God, the Truth and Authority of Scripture, the Priority of Evangelism, a Complementarian understanding of human relationships - understanding the church as an expression of a God-given model for family - where men and women are equal in status but complement each other in roles). 

We express some of our core Mission and Values as follows:

CHURCH PURPOSE (Why do we exist?):                         
Love God, love others and share the good news!

CHURCH MISSION (What are we trying to do?):     
SHORT SUMMARY:         Seeking to depend on God, love one another, reach our neighbours and serve our community
LONGER SUMMARY:       Cheadle Church seeks to build a loving community of mature disciples of Christ, through the direction of the Word of God, the encouragement of the people of God, the goal of serving God's purpose in uniting all things under Christ, and thereby reach out to and serve the parish and community of Cheadle, and the wider world with the love of God

CORE VALUES (What matters to us?):          (from PCC away day 2000)
What we stand for
Father, Son and Holy Spirit - God reveals himself as three persons but one God.
God has spoken - the Bible is from God, without error; we need its teaching.
Jesus is Lord - he died for our sins, God raised him from the dead, he is alive today and will return.
Repent and believe - we trust in Christ for forgiveness, then we seek to obey him.
The gift of the Spirit - God's Spirit within us empowers us to live for Jesus.
Spread the word - we must make Jesus known to others so they can follow him.
The family of God - we meet together to hear God's word, praise him and encourage one another.

What we aim to be
Bible people - growing in our knowledge of God's word and in obedience to him.
Gospel people - understanding the good news of Jesus and explaining it to others.
Praying people - committed to regular prayer both privately and together
Joyful people - filled with the Holy Spirit and testifying to his deep joy.
Loving people - eager to serve others in the church and the world.
Church people - valuing our common life and committing ourselves to it.
Giving people - cheerfully giving to God's work and the world's needs.

What we aim to do
Listen to God – to grow deeper through our discipleship
Love one another – to grow warmer in our fellowship
Respond to God – to grow stronger through our worship
Share our lives – to grow broader through our service
Share our faith – to grow larger through our evangelism

This core Mission and Values find expression in our Vision and the activities that we prioritise as a result.